Frank Kenneth Goward (1919-1954), my father


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“Frank Kenneth Goward was born August 30 1919, educated at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Wakefield, and St John’s College Cambridge. After only two years at the University he took an honours degree in Physics and, in 1940, he was directed to take part in the vital task of calibrating radar-chain stations. After service in Scotland, Mr Goward joined the Telecommunications Research Establishment in Malvern in December 1942, where he quickly established a reputation as an able research worker.

Soon after the end of the War, Mr Goward transferred to the staff of the newly formed Atomic Energy Research Establishment to take a leading part in the design of a novel particle accelerator, the electron synchroton. By November 1946, collaborating with D.E.Barnes, he had established the validity of the new principle by accelerating electrons from 4 to 8 MeV. This was the start of a career of intense scientific activity during which Goward became an internationally recognised authority not only on the design of particle accelerators, but also in their use in studies of the nucleus. A man of remarkable energy, he took part in the design of the University of Glasgow 300 MeV electron synchroton, the 140 MeV machine for the University of Oxford, and the 30MeV machine at Harwell.


In 1950 Mr Goward was invited to attend a committee of scientists called together by Unesco.


From these early discussions, plans were developed for an international laboratory under the auspices the Council for European Nuclear Research (CERN). In 1952 Mr Goward was appointed deputy director of the group responsible for the design study of a proton synchrotron to give a proton beam with an energy greater than 10 GeV.  By October 1953 the work had progressed to the stage where it was necessary to bring together the scientists working on this project. Goward was granted leave of absence to join the Council staff, and moved with his family to Geneva. There he became active in setting up the scientific direction of the Group. In February 1954 he became seriously ill and had to return to England.  He died on March 10, 1954.


Frank Goward was an outstanding young physicist; during his career he presented many scientific papers covering a wide field of research. His ability, combined with an irrepressible sense of humour, earned him great respect among his many friends and colleagues. “


His father, also I think Frank Kenneth, was reputed to have been a pit boy, who became manager of a mine somewhere near Normanton. Certainly I visited him there. Photos of him, her, and the front door. I remember them better at Scarborough, where they moved  in around 1955 I suppose.


There are a couple of photos of three generations including my father and grandfather:

The one on the left is supposed to have included my great grandfather. The one on the right includes me

Finally, my favourite I think, my mothers mother and her mother